Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dinner with George

This is the first frog to come back to my pond since we've reconstructed it this spring.
He showed up during the construction faze, guess he decided he was away from home for long enough. We had just started filling the pond with water and were still placing rocks around the edges when he came home. He would watch my every move and would sit right in the construction zone and let me step beside and over top of him. For this reason I named him "Curious George"

We're for the most part finished the pond, minor details to iron out.

This is a series of shots I took a few nights ago just before sunset.
I've photographed a few frogs doing this before and really wasn't totally sure what I was seeing and photographing. 
After some research I believe that this is what is going on. Here's some what I found learned.

A frog hunts by sitting motionless, rarely even blinking. When prey walks or flies by, his mouth opens and his tongue flicks out and back, faster than we can see.
Frogs are carnivores. They eat insects, spiders, snails, worms, small fish and small land animals, such as mice. 

I also learned that frogs shed their skin once a week and read that they stretch it by opening and closing their mouths. Then they pull the skin over their heads much like a sweater and then they eat it. 

So..... I'm not to sure what was really transpiring the other night, but here are some photos.
George was already opening and closing his mouth when I noticed him. He's got something in the corner of his mouth. These shots are shown in the sequence that I shot them.

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