Thursday, July 9, 2015

Frog Wrestling

Frog Wrestling, what a hoot.
Winner gets the girl and the right to call himself Daddy.

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Daily Croak - Making Babies

What a day I've had photographing the frogs in my pond today.
I witnessed some things I've never seen in the 13 years that I have been taking photos of the green frogs who live in my pond.
It was quite the eye opener, some may find these photos gross. I found the entire process very educational.
Right now there are 5 green frogs frequenting my pond. 4 males and 1 female.
I have photos of males wrestling and of the males and female encounters and the laying of eggs.

I've named the female Fiona, she has been living in the pond for sometime now. She doesn't hang around all the time, only comes around to do what she did today then I don't see her anymore. She was around this spring for a few days and is back again this summer for round 2.

Frogs don't actually mate, the female lays her eggs with the help of the male. He squeezes her and when she releases the eggs he then drops his sperm onto them. She can lay between 2 to 5 thousand eggs. The males thumbs swell during mating season to assist in eggsciting encounter. Pun intented.

The photos are listed in the order they were taken. I haven't edited the wrestling match yet and still have so many more of Fiona's other encounters today. I will have to do another post because I've got some very unique and interesting photos to share.