Tuesday, November 6, 2012





I'm hot, I'm cold
I'm getting old,
Taking out his claws

Breaking out in a sweat
I feel like a briquette,
Set on fire
Walking on a high wire

I'm high, I'm low
This really does blow,
Give me some snow
and a glass of Bordeaux

Get out of my way
I feel like a flambé,
Ripping off my clothes
Give me a hose

Can't sleep
You creep,
A wildfire
Is about to transpire

Hot Flash
Splish Splash,
Take a cold bath
Watch out for my rath

Oh you say
You're here to stay,
Only for awhile
Putting me in exile
Change of Life
You stupid low life,
Go Away
I don't want to play

Hot zone
Poem and Photography by Sue Petri
All Rights Reserved
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