Friday, January 25, 2013

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building
In the fall of 1930, Walter Chrysler finished his dream of creating a modern
skyscraper office building in the heart of downtown Manhattan.
From the start, Chrysler's architects used interesting automotive touches
to highlight the buildings automotive roots. Among these were hubcaps,
and eagle emblem (used in gargoyle motif) and stainless steel (used to
resemble chrome) laced around the building's beautiful spire.
Another important element was the radiator cap used on the late 1920's
Chryslers, and shared on the Imperial models.

Architect: William Van Alen

319 meters 1046' high
17 Floors
185' Spire on top

                  The gargoyles depict Chrysler car ornaments
and the spire is modeled on a radiator grille

 Art Deco Style

29961 Tons of Steel
3,826,000 Bricks
5000 Windows
Basket-weave designs
Manually Laid Brick
Special-steel Facing

Located on the east side of Manhattan
in the Turtle Bay area
at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Russ the wonder dog

 Let me introduce you to Russ, the miniature schnauzer who brings
a joy to our home like no other. A sweet little dog that is happy and
content with life, still looks like a puppy, and makes us laugh every day.
This is an extremely formal portrait. Russ rarely looks this dapper.
His lifestyle just doesn't match the look and would be extremely difficult to maintain.
He's an amazing guard dog and always knows where we are. He hangs out
in the gardens with me when I'm working. He'll find himself a nice shade spot
and watch over me. It reminds me of Sam and Ralph from the Looney Tunes fame.
You know, the employed sheep dog and coyote who punch in and out of work.
I guess that makes me the coyote. T.Hee
Russ has many looks, doesn't especially like being groomed, but never
gives us a hard time when it's happening. If he sees you take out
one of his grooming tools he starts to sneek away.
When you call him back he walks really really slow with his head down.
After  grooming is done, if it's a full haircut, he's as happy as a pup,
he runs around wildly for days.
If it's just combing out the beard, well, a cold shoulder is what transpires
the next time you want him to come over and play.


Russ loves to hunt. He's obsessed with the frogs in our pond, and spends
a tremendous amount of time chasing them. He doesn't catch them mind you,
so it's funny. Where on earth would he get such an obsession you wonder.
Well, I think he learned it from me. I spend a tremendous amount of time
hunting frogs as well. Yep, we are in direct competition in the frog hunt, and
 Russ learned everything he knows from me.


Mind you, Russ and I hunt in different ways. I capture
my little froggies in pixels. I have thousands of frog photos, and
they're one of my favorite photographic subjects. Here's a few samples.
Russ is amazing about the frog hunting. He listens to me and will not chase them
when I ask him not to. We've learned to work together. He helped me
capture this next shot. Hopefully we can perfect the technique and get alot more of these.
Our mission is to capture them in mid-air.

Russ is very intelligent. He always does what he is told,
has never needed to be tied, comes when he is called and would do anything
required of him to protect us and our property.
He's not very happy about practising his piano, and will bark about it,
but will do it anyway because of his obedient nature. 



He loves to play Monopoly with Teddy, and never misses
the opportunity to collect the rent money.

Russ loves Scrabble, and gets very excited when he has a good word.

Russ is ten years old, he has diabetes and is a super trooper
about his insulin shots. He has a tremendous amount of patience about
everything in life, is a joy to be around and as you can surely see
is cute as a button.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Darren the Dragonfly

Let me introduce you to my buddy Darren, a twelve spotted skimmer dragonfly.
Look at him, doesn't he look like a superhero.
Darren and I spent a glorious 20 minutes working together on an amazing photo shoot.
It happened on a beautiful sunny afternoon in July of 2011. I took 136 images of Darren, talking with him and watching him turn his head, lift his front legs up and down and pose for me like a model would.  He sat and let me do anything I pretty well wanted. I had my camera half an inch from him at times and he still didn't fly away. I couldn't believe it, at first I was in a hurry to get the shot, because that's normally the case with insects, if your lucky you might get a couple shots in and they fly away. Not Darren, I thought after abit that maybe he wasn't even alive, hurt or stuck. Why was he still hanging around letting me get so close to him. Very strange, he seemed to be as curious about me as I was of him. He even stayed around after the shoot for a bit before flying away. Here's just a few of the images I got and a few facts about his incredible species.


A little about the skimmer dragonfly.
Body parts include the abdomen (it's the long blue part)
 two pairs of translucent wings,
his head with the large multifaceted eyes,
and three pairs of legs.
He measures in at 50mm - 2 inches in length.
Each wing has three brown spots.
In adult males, additional white spots
form between the brown ones and at the bases of the hind wings.


They live in Southern Canada and in 48 of the US States.
They eat mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, wasps, and sometimes, but rarely butterflies.
They can be found around marshes, lakes, ponds,
streams and wetlands because their larvae known as nymphs, are aquatic.
There are 5680 species of dragonflies worldwide.
Dragonflies are predators but they're subject to prey from birds, lizards,
frogs, spiders, fish, water bugs and other large dragonflies.
I took these and almost all of my photos in my backyard.
We've created our own eco system here, an incredible pond and waterfalls.
Beautiful flower gardens, a little beach, a boardwalk and gazebo.
It's most definately a labour of love, and the rewards as you can see are bountiful.
This isn't the only amazing encounter I've have with dragonflies here in the land I like to
refer to as Sueville, located on the shores of sunny lake Petri.
So, stay tuned to my blog for more of my photo adventures.
There are already lots of tales in past blog posts, just dig through the archives and
you'll see what I've been up to so far. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and please come back again as things are ever evolving here in the land of Sueville.

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