Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Black Leaved Thrift - Armeria Maritima 'Vesuvius'

Since I've revamped my pond I had to clean up my flower beds around them.
Here's one of the new perennials I just planted.
This post is a way for me to get to know my plants, and also a way to showcase my images and gardens.

Botanical Name: Armeria Maritima 'Vesuvius'
Common name: Black Leaved Thrift

Native to seaside cliffs, Thrift is a durable perennial for most any sunny location.
A low tufted mound of smoky-purple leaves, contrasting 
with deep pink pompom flowers for many weeks starting in late spring and early summer.
Trim off the spent flowers to encourage repeat blooming.
Nice for edging or rockery.
Grows in most well drained soils.
Water well until established.

Armeria maritima is the botanical name for a species of flowering plant. It is a popular garden flower, known by several common names, including thrift, sea thrift, and sea pink. The plant has been distributed worldwide as a garden and cut flower

Full Sun
Bloom: Spring and early summer
Height: 10-15cm ( 4 - 6" )
Spread: 15-30cm ( 6 - 12")
Soil: Normal to sandy
Soil moisture: Dry
Soil pH: Neutral, Alkaline or Acid
Hardiness: -46C (-50F)
USDA Zones 2-9

More images will be added as I photograph this plant.

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