Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product Photography Tips

A simply lesson on product photography.
You don't need expensive lights or backdrops.
You can do this set up for just a few dollars.

This is considered a high key lighting situation, white on white.
It creates a look that is seamless.
You can use anything that is white as a reflector, a piece of paper works as well.
Natural window light, a piece of bristle board and a piece of white foam core is all you need to create this set up.
Bristle board is pliable and will create the seamless background.
It measures 22x28" - 56x71cm.
Foam core is large and will stand up easily when you lean it up against the set.
You can purchase bristle board and foam core at dollar stores or office supply stores.
I'm got my bristle board sitting on a vintage suitcase, note there's a lip that holds the bristle board from slipping off the case.
You could also just place anything with a little weight to it in front or onto the edge of the bristle board to hold it in position.
Use anything white as a reflector to reflect the light coming from the window back onto the product.
This illuminates the product plus the white background. Without it your background will go grey.

My bay window faces North, it has a window seat that I often find myself standing up in so I can shoot downwards onto the product I'm photographing. It's a handy little nook for me and makes shooting window light products easy. The window isn't getting direct sunlight because there is a tiny porch and that the roof hangs over which is very helpful to me. I can shoot there anytime during the day without any problems.

It's also a great spot to photograph people.

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