Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo Chalkboard Wine Charm Sets Are Here!

                                                                                                         I Love New York Wine Charms

Chalkboard Wine Charm Set complete with Fine Art Metallic Photos of New York Architecture. Set includes four chalkboard wine charms, perfect for writing your name! Domino Felt Chalkboard Eraser, one piece of chalk wrapped neatly in a yellow and pink polka dot ribbon. Wine Charms, Erasers, and Chalk are all presented in an adorable Pink Heart Shaped Box.

Makes A Great Hostess Gift, Valentines Day gift, or the perfect gift for that friend who can never find their wine glass!!!


 Heart shaped box is 3 ½" x 4"
                                                                                                           Wine Charms are 2½" x 2½"