Thursday, April 9, 2015

Living with Chronic Pain

I'm bluer then blue
This is truer then true
All this sadness
Is total madness
My self esteem
Has gone downstream
I can't seem to shake this
And for this I am remiss
Feeling like a failure
In need of a savior
Need to take action
On this lack of motivation
I don't know what to do
Feels like the flu
I hate this feeling
It's so damn crippling

Poem and photography by Sue Petri, all rights reserved

Bluer Then Blue

Bluer Then Blue
What do you do
when you're bluer then blue
Have you bitten off more then you can chew
feeling like there's nothing you can do
Do you sit there and stew
Unable to decide
just where you reside
setting everything aside
unable to glide
taking nothing in stride
needing it all to subside
What to do....
It's all up to you!
you can give up
or strut your stuff.
Go out and play
tomorrow's another day.
Get up off your can
and be your own biggest fan.


Rhyme and photo by Sue Petri, all rights reserved.