Monday, July 16, 2012

From my photo studio

Through the Years

Hard to believe I've been creating portrait images for 30 years already.
I've also printed these images professional, processed mostly by hand.
I still have a functioning darkroom where I can print photos up to 20" - Black and White and Color.
Haven't fired her up in 3 years, but nothing's stopping me.
I'm going to turn that red light on this winter and find bliss in my darkroom again.

I used to own Kwik-Pik Foto in Welland.
Full service professional photo lab, studio and frame shop.
This was back in the days of film.

After closing up Kwik-Pik, I spent a few years sharing a studio and darkroom
with Archie Hood Photography, he also had a custom frame shop.
After that stint, I built a new home based around my photo business needs.
I have both an indoor and outdoor photo studio. I'm shooting digitally these days,
and really enjoying it. My years of hand printing made photo editing a cinch since
they employ the same techniques I've done manually for years.

I shoot and print digitally these days. I really love the whole process,
and having control over every aspect of the finished product.
I do sell my photos on dvd and let my clients take care of there own printing needs,
if that's what they want. It's ultimately up to the client. They have many choices.

Anyway, I print on all types of papers....I'm especially fond of Metallic and Canvas.
I tend to favor a satin pearl finish, and I always have fine art papers on hand as well.
I only use quality materials that will stand the test of time. The photos are
extremely vibrant, they're fade, smudge and water resistant as well.

I have a few online shops
Fine Art Images can be purchased here.

and my handmade creations