Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Views from my gazebo

Views from my Gazebo

Here are a few things that I was working on yesterday.
The weather was incredible and I got to work on my polymer clay creations
outside in my gazebo.
I had my cameras ready and these are few of the shots I captured
in my backyard.

There's never a dull moment around here.
Whether it's in my gardens, flying overhead, or driving by,
I'm blessed with an incredible array of subjects to photograph everyday.

I love to multi-task working in my gardens, on my crafts,
housework, social networking and photo editing keep me busy
as a bee and happy as can be.


I've completed my project, check it out!


Dorothy's Ruby Slippers Bookmark

Handmade by Sue Petri aka SuePsales

Legs are handsculpted from polymer clay.
Yellow brick road is painted onto heavy cardstock.
Giftbox is handmade and the lettering is cut using my circut cutter.
My fine art photos and other creations are for sale here

Photography and blog by Sue Petri. All rights reserved