Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pond Reconstruction

The deconstruction and reconstruction of our gardens and pond.

Starting date April 13, 2015

I spent the first few days raking up old plant matter.
 I never cut back my plants in the fall, I find it less work to just wait for the spring and rake it all up.

Then it snowed for a week so I stayed indoors.
Then we removed all the rocks from around and in the pond, we drained the water
from the pond and caught all the koi. They spent the next few weeks in the
blue container that's in the gazebo. We then removed the old liners.
Time to put the new liner in. Not an easy task as it's huge and extremely heavy.
We opened it up in the yard and folded it up like a fan, not believing this job
could be done with only two people we proved ourselves wrong and were able
to pull it into place with little effort. Woot, woot.
Time for water, this took longer then anything else. Played the waiting game with the water guy.
Busy time of year for them and our pond didn't seem to be a priority, so we lost a good weeks
worth of work waiting. :(

Started putting all the rocks back, this helps cover the liner from the sun so it doesn't crack.

I had many frogs in my pond and they took off on their own during the deconstruction phase. And low and behold they are coming back on their own as well. This guy came back first. We weren't ready for him but I guess he just couldn't wait any longer. The fish are still in the container in the gazebo and we are loading up the edge of the pond with rocks. They will keep the liner from rotting in the sun. This frog has no fear and has sat around watching us work. He's even let me step right beside him without moving. I'll look up when I'm working and he's watching me. So, I named him Curious George. So far there are three frogs that have come back.


 Fish are back in the pond, they're very happy. Lots of work still to be done.
Getting the waterfall ready, a sitting area by the side of the pond, my beach firepit and the day to day weeding etc. etc. etc.
Hard to believe how much two people can accomplish when they work hard.